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Manos Juntas Mexico is part of?

Manos Juntas Mexico is part of the Social Ministries of the Methodist Church of Mexico and receives many teams of volunteers from Churches from the U.S. that come to share the love of Jesus Christ and help in construction and medical missions.

Started as a very small mission to help the poor in the area of Rio Bravo with medical attention, now the Manos Juntas Ministry touches the lives of many in several Mexican states, building homes, providing medical attention, scholarships, disaster relief, and help to those in need. A part of the Methodist Church of Mexico, MJM has grown and is branching out in new directions in partnership with many Christian volunteers from the United Methodist Church, the Methodist Church of Mexico and other organizations and individuals.

We are located near the U.S. border with Mexico and receive volunteer teams all year long.
Mission teams can choose from several areas of service: construction, medical, education, community development, Bible schools, skills training and many more.
Our center has first class lodging facilities and excellent meal service, and our staff is always willing to help our partners with professionalism and a smile.

• To serve people and communities with a Christian Heart, empowering them to overcome challenges that prevent them from a better standard of living through a partnership with the Methodist Church of Mexico, the United Methodist Church and other agencies, organizations and individuals.

• To promote a better standard of living in communities and individuals through specific programs and activities.
• To establish Christian values in communities and individuals, especially in children.
• To enhance sense of self-worth and fundamental rights in our beneficiaries through education and supportive actions.
• To uphold and apply Biblical principles and Social Policies of the Methodist Church of Mexico in all our activities.

• Respect for human dignity regardless of race, economic condition, religion or political affiliation.
• Kindness in our relationship with any person.
• Professionalism and quality in our services to the community, individuals and partners.
• Willingness to partner with organizations, individuals or government agencies in programs, activities or events designed to help communities or individuals.
• Accountability and transparency to our partners and sponsors in our financial transactions.
• Responsible stewardship in the allocation of resources.

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